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How does your gift help

Our activities are directed to the rescue of children from forced prostitution and sex slavery, and their rehabilitation and education so they can grow into successful young adults in control of their futures.

The Sunlight Foundation provides funds for specific activities which directly benefit an identifiable child, or group of children. Every dollar raised is only spent if it can be measured against clear indicators of success. So, whether your donation is large or small, you will see the result of how every single dollar of your support is spent.

About us

The Sunlight Foundation is a commitment by its founders to a promise that every child deserves a childhood.

Sadly, we all know that isn’t true yet. The loathsome crime of child-trafficking is rising, especially in Asia, where girls and boys, often no more than six or seven years old are sold as trophies to sex-tourists and other paedophiles, then passed on to suffer more obscene violence in the brutal sex slums of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Saving the children

These children experience sexual terrors that steal their childhood, even their lives; they experience nightmares leaving them emotionally, physically and psychologically scarred. Sometimes, as broken young women they are smuggled into the underground sex industry overseas, even into Australia.

The Sunlight Foundation will play an important part in saving these children from harm. But rescue alone is not enough – we want to give these children the chance to change their own world for good and go further than they dreamed possible, despite their circumstances.

Sophea’s Story

It happened ten years ago, but I still cannot forget it. I remember everything they did and relive the images, sounds and the smells of it in my mind. I lived in hopelessness, fear, and darkness for many years afterwards. Even today, my health is bad.

I was 11 years old then. My mum had woken up early that morning with the chickens crowing. Dad drank too much and was sleeping. When he was drunk, he would hit us, but I didn’t hate him. I just pitied my mum because she worked hard every day. She was tired, not just her body, but her mind too. Sometimes I cried silently in my room when they fought each other.

I loved school and was the highest-ranking student in class, number one. The school had organised a ceremony to give gifts to the top five students, and they invited the students’ families to the celebration. My teacher asked about my family, she wanted to meet them. I replied to her with a trembling voice, trying not to cry: “sorry, they are busy, so they cannot come.” Other parents came to encourage their children, but my parents didn’t have time for me.


Ambassador for The Sunlight Foundation

Miss Australia Tiffany Shen

– F Magazine, Celebrating female success

I am feeling so honoured today by being selected to join an amazing group of women in F MAGAZINE who have achieved great things with their lives. Women’s voices around the world are calling out for and leading change and I hope I can do my part to be a voice for the silent children being so brutally abused by sexual predators. … more by following the link below

The link is:




– another deluded idea that feeds the child sex-trafficking industry

I was disgusted to read recently that the rapper T.I subjects his daughter to the degrading ritual of “virginity testing”. I couldn’t decide if he was protecting a higher bride-price for his daughter in the marketplace or callously demonstrating his power over a woman...

Raise your voices to the heavens

– if not you, then who? If not now, when?

Do you believe in your dreams? I don’t mean the ones that have Prince Charming meeting you on a windswept beach and riding off into the sunset type dreams.  I mean the ones that make you make you feel uncomfortable, make you think about deeper meanings, perhaps even...

“Children are the living postcards from the past we send to a future we will never see”

Lily Yang


Restoring hope, building dignity

We all have a role to play in creating a better life for children, a life free from violence and fear